Frequently Asked Questions | Caribbean Adventures Roatan

Frequently Asked Questions

If the cruise ship cancels its tours because of rain, should I assume that my tour is cancelled as well?

Not necessarily. Rain showers in the Caribbean tend to pass fairly quickly. In many cases, we may be able to conduct your tour even if your cruise ship cancels its own shore excursions.

What is the difference between cruise ship time and local time?

The time issue is often a source of confusion for cruise ship passengers. The time in Roatan, Honduras is easy to figure out. Honduras is on central time (CST), just like Houston and Chicago. Honduras does not observe daylight saving time. Times in our tickets and emails always reflect local Honduras time.

During daylight saving time season, Florida is two hours ahead of Honduras, while Texas and Louisiana are one hour ahead. (In other words, if it’s 10 am in Miami, it’s 8 am in Honduras.) During standard time season, Florida is one hour ahead of Honduras, while Texas and Louisiana are on the same schedule as Honduras. (In the United States, daylight saving time begins the second Sunday of March and ends the first Sunday of November.)

Carnival cruise ships almost always remain on the time of their home ports throughout their travels, even when they cross into a different time zone. During standard time season, ship time aboard the liners based in Florida (including the Carnival Conquest, Glory, Magic, and Splendor) is one hour ahead of Honduras time. During daylight saving time, ship time aboard the Florida-based liners is two hours ahead of Honduras time. On liners sailing from central time zone ports (including the Carnival Breeze, Dream, and Freedom), ship time is the same as Honduras time during standard time season and one hour ahead of Honduras during daylight saving time.

In contrast, Norwegian Cruise Lines ships generally adjust their ship clocks to reflect the time zone in which they are sailing. (NCL ship clocks also take into account that Honduras does not observe daylight saving time.) The ship clock policies of the Royal Caribbean and Holland America cruise lines vary by ship.

The itinerary that your cruise ship distributes to you and your fellow passengers will generally reflect ship time.

From your perspective, the time issue should not be a source of anxiety. Our business is based almost entirely on serving cruise ship passengers and part of our job is to closely monitor cruise ship schedules. Our departure times are set to fit within the port times of ships calling on Honduras.

What if my ship is late?

If your ship comes in later (or earlier) than expected please make your way to the designated meeting point for your adventure. Chances are that the excursion has already been modified to comply with your changed times.